Patient Referrals

Compass requires a referral from the attending physician, psychiatrist, or nurse practitioner for the majority of its mental health treatment programs.

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Who Can Submit a Referral?

Compass requires a referral from the attending physician, psychiatrist, or nurse practitioner for the majority of its mental health treatment programs.

Patients seeking Substance Use Disorder as a co-occurring disorder can self refer and should call Compass Health Center to speak with an intake specialist as more information may be required.

Information for Referring Providers - Compass Health Center

Information for Referring Providers

For specific mental health treatment programs, Compass prefers that patient referrals come directly from the treating psychiatrist or therapist. Here are some key considerations mental health providers should take note of when submitting a patient referral:

  • Ensure that the patient’s information and the reason for referral are complete.
  • Attach all the necessary supporting documents about the referral’s medical and psychiatric history.
  • Attach a separate document that highlights particular risks or safety concerns about the referral that Compass team should be aware of.
  • Ensure all forms and documents are legible.

Information for Your Patient - Compass Health Center

Information for Your Patient

Please inform and ask for consent before submitting your patient’s mental health referral. After Compass has carefully reviewed your submission and have confirmed consent, Compass Health Center will make two attempts to reach out to the patient. If a response is not received, the Compass team will notify the physician who made the referral.

Sometimes Compass receives a considerable volume of patient referrals, and it may take longer than expected to hear back from the Compass team on the status of your patient’s inquiry. It is encouraged that you to ask your patients to call for a follow-up. If a family member is to reach out on the status of the mental health referral application, please let them know that consent from the patient is required before any information is released.

How to Submit a Referral

Attach relevant documentation (e.g. psychiatric consultations or discharge summaries, medication sheets, laboratory results, physical findings) to help Compass effectively address your concern. Do not include youth criminal justice documents as they are unnecessary.

Once your referral has been reviewed, a representative of Compass Health Center will call your patient to arrange for an initial consultation. If the patient isn't reached after calling twice, the Compass team will coordinate with the referring physician.

For more information please call 844-552-0242.

Submit a Referral

    Programs Available for Referral

    Compass's patient referral service is available for the following treatment programs:

    PHP/IOP Programs for Children (Ages 5-13)

    Short-term but intense early intervention treatment programs are specially designed for the unique challenges experienced by children in this specific age group. Compass's Child Programs team has years of immersive experience in treating children and families struggling with Mood & Anxiety Disorders, OCD, and other mental health diagnoses.

    PHP/IOP Programs for Adolescents (Ages 13-18)

    Compass's daytime and After-School Programs for adolescents are geared towards guiding teens on how to manage debilitating Depression, Anxiety, OCD, and/or Substance Use Disorder through evidence-based approaches. Compass Health Center also offers a School Refusal Program, which is short-term stabilization for teenagers who are finding it difficult to succeed in school.

    PHP/IOP Programs for Young Adults (Ages 18-23)

    Compass Health Center offers mental health programs to young adults who are dealing with Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Trauma, Chronic Pain & Illness, and Substance Use Disorder diagnoses. Compass uses evidence-based therapies to address symptoms, guide individuals, and equip them with the necessary skills and techniques to manage their symptoms.

    PHP/IOP Programs for Adults (Ages 24+)

    Compass's Adult PHP/IOP behavioral health treatment programs are for individuals with Mood & Anxiety Disorders, Trauma, Chronic Pain & Illness, Substance Use Disorder, and Complex Anxiety Disorders including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Compass's care model is centered around group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, psychiatric assessment, and medication management. Compass uses evidence-based treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy.