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We understand that seeking mental health treatment isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Compass's team of professionals is available to help you navigate your treatment options and any insurance questions you may have.

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Intake Process - Compass Health Center

Intake Process

When you call to inquire about treatment, one of Compass's experienced intake specialists will conduct a phone-based screening of your current symptoms and psychiatric history. If clinically indicated, they will arrange an on-site or virtual comprehensive intake assessment as soon as possible. The Compass team makes every effort to schedule this for the next business day.

During the assessment, an expert intake therapist will conduct a comprehensive psychiatric assessment and collaboratively discuss the best treatment path for you.

First Day - Compass Health Center

First Day

We want you to feel comfortable and welcome on your first day and recognize that this looks different for all patients. A team member will greet you when you arrive and help you get acclimated to the program. You will join therapy groups throughout the day and have the opportunity to participate to the degree with which you feel comfortable. Members of your assigned treatment team will meet with you individually throughout the day to begin getting to know you, provide a more detailed overview of the program schedule & what to expect, answer questions, and begin the process of co-creating your individualized treatment plan and goals.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) - Compass Health Center

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Compass Health Center's PHP is a full-time, intensive mental health treatment program that you’ll attend five to six hours each day. It offers a safe and structured environment centered around group therapy while giving you the ability to return home in the evenings after a full day of treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) - Compass Health Center

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Compass Health Center's IOP is a short-term treatment model that you’ll attend for three hours per day, three to five days per week, either during the morning or after school/work. This program is for individuals who want to focus on their mental health needs while still working, going to school, or spending time with their families/or whose symptoms are less severe than those for which PHP is recommended. Many PHP patients step down their level of care to IOP as their condition improves.


Compass is best known for its patient-centered age-based PHP/IOP programs that acknowledge specific challenges experienced by individuals at different points in their lives. Compass offers a wide range of evidence-based treatments focused on specific conditions:

Payment & Insurance - Compass Health Center

Payment & Insurance

A patient advocate will meet with you to understand your unique insurance coverage situation and discuss your financial options.

Compass Health Center is in-network with most commercial insurers in the regions it serves, though it does not currently accept Medicare or Medicaid. Please call to inquire about about your specific insurance carrier. Depending on your plan, you may be responsible for co-pays and/or coinsurance.
Compass Health Center patients with out-of-network insurance are considered self-paying. In this case, we will submit claims to most insurance companies on your behalf to facilitate the reimbursement process.
Compass's Utilization Review (insurance) Department works with all insurance companies to demonstrate medical necessity and obtain pre-authorization where necessary.
At Compass Health Center, your privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance during and after your mental health treatment. Compass is Joint Commission certified as well as HIPAA compliant. Compass's electronic medical record system is tailored to ensure privacy for psychiatric care. To learn more, please read Compass's privacy policy.


No. While many of our patients call us because a doctor, therapist, or other clinician recommended it, you do not need a referral to contact us or attend a Compass program (unless referral is required by your insurance which is not common except with HMOs).

We’ll help you find the best treatment option for your needs. During the intake process, we will assess whether you are a good fit for one of our PHP/IOP programs. If our clinician determines that Compass Health Center is not staffed to treat your needs effectively, they will provide referrals to other providers or programs.

We have both on-site and virtual Group Therapy sessions. Both are led by expert Group Therapists and are designed to be interactive, educational, and therapeutic. Additionally, on a regular basis you’ll meet one-on-one with an individual therapist, a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner, and a family therapist.

It’s important to understand that treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Every person’s healing story is different. In addition, due to the complexity of mental health, it can take time to see significant results. If at any point you feel that your treatment isn’t working, feel free to discuss this with your treatment team so we can refine the treatment course to better meet your needs.

The initial stages of therapy can be uncomfortable, as you’re getting to know each other. Therefore, we advise our patients to allow a reasonable amount of time to get acclimated. However, if you’re finding it difficult to connect with your therapist, do not hesitate to discuss this with the other members of the treatment team so that we can work with you on a solution.

Attending the program as often as is recommended is critical to the treatment’s success. We provide evening and after-school IOP programs that give patients the freedom and flexibility to continue taking care of their mental health without sacrificing other essential aspects of their lives.
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Our Success Stories

Double Quotes - Compass Health Center

Compass saved my life! I came into Compass with suicidal ideations and no hope. After a couple of weeks of being in the program, I did not have those thoughts anymore. Compass helped me change my mindset, from a negative pattern of thoughts to a more positive and optimistic frame of mind.

Double Quotes - Compass Health Center

My child is leaving Compass more equipped to handle her emotions, her anxiety, her depression, and the things that all trigger these. She is willing to use the skills, which is a huge change, and this is all due to how well Compass worked for her.

Parent of Child Patient
Double Quotes - Compass Health Center

I liked how in Compass, everyone was respectful of my opinions, pronouns, and preferred name. There was no judging, and you can open up to people. I also like how I can relate to other kids. I also really appreciate learning new skills.

Double Quotes - Compass Health Center

Compass is a godsend. An amazing program for children who are struggling and families who are seeking help and guidance. I could not imagine that she would be so much better in less than 2 months. I wish we could have found Compass without going to the ER. Thanks for all you do!

Parent of Child Patient
Double Quotes - Compass Health Center

The evening IOP program challenged me in a supportive and respectful way to help change my way of thinking. Compass provided me with the tools to help deal with life situations in a healthy way.

Adult Patient