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Weekly outpatient therapy isn't always enough, and a trip to the ER isn't the only answer. When anxiety or depression is interfering with your day-to-day activities, you may need more comprehensive support. Compass Health Center's in-person and virtual Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Programs could be the right fit for you or a loved one.

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Introducing in May: Virtual Mental Health, Chronic Pain, and Illness Program for Young Adults & Adults
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Virtual OCD & Complex Anxiety Programs now available for adolescents (ages 13-18)
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Video: Lawmakers, community leaders, clinicians, and educators celebrate our Maryland opening
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Maryland, when mental health disrupts life, we here for you, without the wait
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The Compass Health Center - SERVICES

Through an in-depth team-based approach to care, the clinical team will determine the best possible treatment path for you.

At Compass Health Center, we are experts in treating children, adolescents, young adults, and adults with mood and anxiety symptoms that are impacting their daily functioning. Compass's clinicians use evidence-based therapies including CBT, DBT, ACT, and ERP, proven to be the gold standard for the treatment of these conditions. Through an in-depth team-based approach to care, the clinical team will determine the best possible treatment path for you. In both PHP and IOP, your schedule will consist of group therapy focused on building skills and strategies to help manage symptoms, as well as individual therapy, sessions with a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner, medication management, and family therapy, if indicated.

The Compass Health Center - Treatment Approach
Treatment Approach

There is no one size fits all model for mental health care at Compass

When you start PHP or IOP, you will be assigned to a treatment team who will partner with you to identify your specific goals and map out a plan to achieve them. Compass's core treatment focuses on group therapy, as well as individual therapy, family therapy, and psychiatric services. You will be assigned to a treatment team including an individual therapist and a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner. Depending on your age and your individual needs, you might also be assigned to a family therapist, an educational specialist, or another specialist if indicated. Your individualized treatment plan will consider your diagnosis, symptoms, treatment history, family involvement, and community resources. With your input, your team will continuously assess your progress and adjust as needed.


Clinicians who prioritize your unique treatment goals

Compass's multidisciplinary treatment team consists of over 450 doctors and masters-level clinicians. Compass's specialized staff includes board-certified child, adolescent, adult and addiction psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists, counselors, nurses, and more. Our clinicians are solely focused on their specialized role allowing them to become true experts in delivering the most specialized care.

Compass Health Center VIRTUAL - Compass Health Center
Compass Virtual

Specialized PHP and IOP care from the comfort of home

Compass Virtual offers convenient and comprehensive mental healthcare, based on over a decade of experience delivering PHP and IOP levels of care at Compass Health Center’s three Chicago based locations. Compass Virtual, serving ages 13 through adulthood, helps individuals overcome a wide range of treatment barriers while maintaining the highest levels of quality, effectiveness, and satisfaction. Compass Virtual's 2021 data demonstrates that clinical outcomes are equivalent to those of Compass’s in-person programs.



Our Success Stories

Double Quotes - Compass Health Center

Compass saved my life! I came into Compass with suicidal ideations and no hope. After a couple of weeks of being in the program, I did not have those thoughts anymore. Compass helped me change my mindset, from a negative pattern of thoughts to a more positive and optimistic frame of mind.

Double Quotes - Compass Health Center

My child is leaving Compass more equipped to handle her emotions, her anxiety, her depression, and the things that all trigger these. She is willing to use the skills, which is a huge change, and this is all due to how well Compass worked for her.

Parent of Child Patient
Double Quotes - Compass Health Center

I liked how in Compass, everyone was respectful of my opinions, pronouns, and preferred name. There was no judging, and you can open up to people. I also like how I can relate to other kids. I also really appreciate learning new skills.

Double Quotes - Compass Health Center

Compass is a godsend. An amazing program for children who are struggling and families who are seeking help and guidance. I could not imagine that she would be so much better in less than 2 months. I wish we could have found Compass without going to the ER. Thanks for all you do!

Parent of Child Patient
Double Quotes - Compass Health Center

The evening IOP program challenged me in a supportive and respectful way to help change my way of thinking. Compass provided me with the tools to help deal with life situations in a healthy way.

Adult Patient
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