Mental Health Programs For Adults

Mood and Anxiety

Short-term, intensive treatment for debilitating anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns.

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Evening IOP

Short-term treatment for adults who are going to work and still having difficulty managing their symptoms.

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A safe and caring environment for adult trauma survivors to learn the necessary skills to reconnect to what matters.

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Substance Treatment

Multi-faceted treatment for adults who struggle with mood and anxiety symptoms as well as substance use disorders.

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Chronic Pain

Empowering patients to take an active role in the management of their chronic pain and overcome the effects that physical discomfort has on both mind and body.

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder & Anxiety Disorder

Evidence based treatment using Exposure and Response Prevention to support individuals with OCD or complex anxiety disorders that interfere with successful daily functioning.

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Helping individuals strengthen executive functioning skills, effectively manage major life transitions and identify barriers to achieving their goals.

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Hannah Mittleman, LCSW
Hannah Mittleman, LCSW Director of Adult Programs - Chicago
Grace Frantilla, ATR-BC, LCPC
Grace Frantilla, ATR-BC, LCPCAssociate Director of Adult Program - Northbrook
Heather Morales, LCSW, CADC
Heather Morales, LCSW, CADC Associate Director of Trauma Program - Chicago
Natalie Gela, Ph.D.
Natalie Gela, Ph.D.Associate Director of Trauma Program - Northbrook
Laura Robinson, LCPC, NCC
Laura Robinson, LCPC, NCCDirector of Adult Programs - Northbrook
Leslie Wolf, LCPC
Leslie Wolf, LCPCAssociate Director of the Adult Evening IOP - Northbrook
Mia D'Agostino, AM, LCSW
Mia D'Agostino, AM, LCSWAssociate Director of OCD and Complex Anxiety Program - Chicago

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