As the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation unfolds, we understand this is a time of uncertainty. We hope you feel supported in taking every measure to protect your health and the health of those around you. Rest assured that we remain committed to providing access to mental health care for our community. Given our responsibility to staff, patients and the ever-changing landscape of social distancing, we have launched COMPASS VIRTUAL HEALTH CENTER.

Compass Virtual Health Center, serving our Illinois patients, is a completely virtual model for Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs (PHP/IOP), which include group therapy, psychiatry, family therapy, and individual therapy sessions. Weekday and evening program options are available to accommodate various schedules. Through this virtual platform, our goal is to provide individuals with ongoing access to care when travelling to a Compass Health Center location isn’t a possibility.

When to refer a patient


Dedicated Age-Based Programming

Virtual programming is available for patients as young as 13 years old through all stages of adolescence and adulthood. We treat individuals primarily with depression, anxiety, and OCD symptoms that severely affect their daily functioning at home, school or work.

  • Joint Child & Adolescent Daytime PHP/IOP (Ages 13-18)

  • Adolescent Afterschool IOP (Ages 14-18)

  • Child Afternoon IOP (Ages 13-14)

  • Adult Daytime PHP/IOP (Ages 18+)
  • Adult Evening IOP (Ages 18+)

We have outlined some of the major questions that our community might have below. If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule an intake assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions for Patients, Families and Caregivers

Zoom is a leading virtual collaboration platform that supports everything from individual tele-conferencing capabilities through large group sessions. It is designed as a user-friendly platform that can be used on most devices (laptops, phones, tablets).

Although treatment is delivered virtually, the day looks similar to an on-site day in PHP or IOP. Skills and process groups operate similarly to the groups patients attend on-site at Compass and focus on the same curriculum.

Programs are led by at least two Compass group leaders. The full day is supervised by Compass psychiatrists and administrative staff are available for technological support. The day is designed to be as interactive as in-person groups. Participants see and, at times, hear fellow group members. There are periods of time where only the group leader is able to be heard while a skill is being presented and participants are muted. There is also be a chat function set up for participants to communicate directly with one of the group leaders should they have additional questions or input but do not want to participate verbally

In order to participate, participants must complete a consent form for this new group therapy platform. Compass will also request the location from which the patient will be joining and a phone number for an emergency contact. With respect to technology, participants will need the following: Active email address (to where we will send the meeting invite / links) Active phone number (should Compass need to reach participants by phone for urgent needs) Internet connection (hard-wired connection preferred but wireless may also work) Laptop / desktop with a camera function (participants can join through mobile but will have to download the Zoom app for optimal connection) Audio capabilities – either through computer or phone A headset with microphone may be helpful as well but not required

Yes, we are currently accepting new intakes for Compass Virtual Health Center for our Child (ages 13-14), Adolescent (ages 14-18), Young Adult (ages 18-23) and Adult (ages 24+) programs. When an individual or family member calls, they will be connected to an experienced patient advocate who will perform a telephone screening. Following this screening, if clinically indicated, a no cost virtual assessment will be scheduled as soon as possible. The assessment will be conducted via Zoom, where the patient will be able to meet with one of our clinicians who will further evaluate symptoms and discuss mental health treatment options. Assessment paperwork will be completed using the secure online platform DocuSign.

Given the current circumstances, many insurance providers are covering Virtual PHP/ IOP services in the same way they would in-person services. Compass Health Center Programs are in-network with most commercial insurance providers and we will follow standard billing practices.

Additional questions? We encourage program participants and families to reach out to their primary therapist for questions regarding the clinical provision of virtual services. For technical questions, the primary therapist will reach out to Compass administration. For intakes, please fill out the form below or visit our contact us page.