Individualized treatment programs addressing psychiatric symptoms and behavior are developed by the multidisciplinary Compass Health Center staff for each patient. At Compass Health Center in Chicago or Northbrook, we treat many patients for general depression and/or anxiety, but for patients with more specific difficulties, there are a variety of psychiatric programs and treatment tracks crafted to target these underlying concerns.

The Personalized Treatment Tracks are developed by Compass Health Center’s multidisciplinary team for patients who need to address underlying conditions that contribute to their psychiatric symptoms and behavior. Following assessment, if it is clinically indicated, patients may be assigned to one of our tracks.

Tracks include:


Research shows that one of the most effective treatments for obsessive compulsive disorder, or any related anxiety disorder, is exposure therapy. In exposure therapy, patients gradually confront their feared object or situation in a hierarchical, prolonged, and planned manner to gain mastery over their anxiety and fears. Patients attend group therapy sessions and meet with their exposure therapist on a daily basis to create an individualized hierarchy that specifically addresses the patient’s fears. Exposures are then conducted on a daily basis during group sessions, at home, and outside of Compass Health Center.

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Resource Track

The Resource Track is aimed to support patients with transitions, strengthen executive functioning skills, connect patients to support, and empower them to add structure and meaning to their daily lives. Resource therapists work with the patients assigned to the track to develop an individualized resource plan. Plans may include (but are not limited to): school, jobs, volunteer work, positive recreational activities, ongoing supports (groups, AA/NA/OA, outpatient providers), social activities, exercise plans etc. Resource sessions help patients identify barriers to achieving their goals and utilize the skills learned in group to continue moving forward.

Substance Use Track

At our Chicago or Northbrook Compass Health Center locations, we have Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors on staff who will assess and meet with the individual, and then together determine how the track will complement the overall treatment.


Patients in the Trauma Track meet with a trauma specialist semi-weekly to complete Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). CPT applies cognitive-behavioral techniques directly to the traumatic experience in order to work through the residual effects. This individual attention allows the patient to process the experience at a deeper level than would be feasible within the group while strengthening coping skills regarding their past traumas.

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