Stacey Avalos
Stacey AvalosDirector of Environment of Care, Director of Operations & Facilities - Northbrook
Kyle Burnette
Kyle Burnette
Director of Information Technology
Marysol Mandujano
Marysol Mandujano Director of Patient Administration - Chicago
Jana Milne
Jana MilneDirector of Utilization Review - Chicago
Kelly Moran
Kelly Moran Director of Patient Administration - Northbrook
Jennifer Nemeth
Jennifer NemethPatient Advocate - Northbrook
Wendy Nichols
Wendy NicholsCall Center Supervisor
Regina Roallos
Regina RoallosPatient Advocate - Chicago
Cindy Schoenstadt
Cindy Schoenstadt Director of Utilization Review - Northbrook
Kim Solomon
Kim Solomon Director of Patient Experience
Brittney Teasdale
Brittney TeasdaleDirector of Marketing